Google & Facebook to Offer FREE Ad Spend for UK Small Businesses.

Both Google and Facebook have released that they will be offering small businesses and medium-sized businesses financial relief in the form of ad credits and grants during the current pandemic. These grant credits are aimed for a business that routinely advertises through Google and Facebook although they are offering this to some new business accounts. 

This programme was released in the U.S last month and is set to be made available to 30 additional countries including the UK imminently. 

Google Ad Credits For Small Businesses

Google is setting aside $340 million dollars worth of ad credits and will deposit these credits into SMB Google Ad accounts and Google Partner accounts. 


How to check if you are eligible: 

Ad credits will be made available to active ad accounts who have spent with google in ten out of twelve months from 2019 to early 2020. 

They will also be made available to businesses that advertise through Google partners (such as Unity). 

The credits will be valid through to the end of 2020 and will be valid across the channels platform, including; Search, Display and Youtube campaigns. 

*Google will reach out to its partners and clients to inform those who are eligible, credit available will be calculated based on the customer’s average ad spend.  

See the full eligibility criteria here


Google Ads are still producing results. 

Search volumes and decreased competition have had a huge influence on overbidding and PPC costs, resulting in a lower overall ad spend and an even lower cost per conversion. With fewer brands using Google Ads, smaller businesses have a much larger chance of getting their brand recognised online. 


Facebook Small Business Grants 

Facebook has pledged $100 million in grants and advertising credits to business accounts who again regularly advertise through their platform. The ‘Small Business Grants’ program is set to be made available to 30,000 businesses across 30 countries who have been hit by the effects of COVID-19. They have made some of their grants available to cover the costs of operations, rent, and workforce. 


How to check if you are eligible: 

Unlike Google’s programme, you will have to apply for a Small Business grant with Facebook. The eligibility is aimed at businesses that have operated for over a year and to those that employ between 2 – 50 people who have been hit with effects from COVID-19. 

This programme is currently available in the US and will be expected to be released imminently in the UK. 

See the full criteria and available locations here


Both the search giant and social media platform creates a lot of revenue through SMB’s, these programmes have been put in place to reward those who frequently use their services and is expected to build trust between business and client. 


How we can support 

We can communicate and work closely with your business, Facebook & Google to support your application for a ‘Small Business Grant’ and Google ad credits. 

As a trusted Google Partner we offer comprehensive account management, ensuring that your ads are performing to their best ability while also optimising your customer reach and building a secure campaign to target leads. 

For a free account consultation and for further information on how we can support, speak to one of our specialists today.


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